Honey Bee Secrets

A skin care collection that has thoughtfully evolved over the last ten years to provide a caring solution to skin problems and aging. CResults, Bee Products and “M” are all rich in certified, active, New Zealand Manuka Honey. We boast to be one of the very rare companies that manufacture a skin care with enough, genuine, raw, pure Manuka Honey to deliver an active product and deliver a real change to your skin.

When you see the word ‘Manuka’ as an additive in a product, check the ingredients list on the back, if ‘Manuka’ appears near the top of the list, it is a major ingredient, if at the bottom of the list, it is minimal, usually less than 1% often less than 0.1%. All of our products contain the highest amount of Manuka Honey possible while maintaining a luxurious and skin-friendly texture.

Never settle on quality, insist on products that give you what they say.

Australian Owned and Manufactured.