2018 News!

Through the course of 2017 and 2018 you may have noticed the evolution of our business and our brands. First it was from CResults to Manuka Honey Skincare Collection as we expanded to multiple ranges of Manuka Honey Skincare beyond just the CResults range. Now, through the course of 2018, CResults Australia P/L and Manuka International P/L have amalgamated under the single banner of Honey Bee Secrets.  

The products remain the same but more importantly two of the companies that lead the way in the spread of  New Zealand Manuka Honey and it’s benefits both in Australia and worldwide have joined forces. This extends both companies product ranges and ability to compete in the world forum of New Zealand and Australian Honey’s. This also allows all products to be found in the one location here at Honey Bee Secrets. Click here to visit our shop and see our ever-extending range.

Over the coming months you may notice more branding changes as our multiple brands unify under the Honey Bee Secrets banner, rest assured that this is the only change and our products retain their world-leading high quality and production standards.

Honey Bee Secrets team. Nov, 2018

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