Manuka tree with flowers

What makes Manuka Honey special?

Like all things popular on earth, the internet runs away with reality, honey’s are honey and some have more active ingredients and health benefits than others, only trial and error will separate the truth about which honeys do what.

As in my last blog post (Which level of Manuka Honey is best?), honey is a food so there are enormous restrictions on what claims can be made. I can only talk about my experience after 30 years in the Manuka Honey industry and the miracles I have experienced. Although anecdotal, I have an endless collection of testimonials regarding our Manuka Honey and the products we produce from Manuka honey.

Along my journey I have discovered that natural, pure honeys harvested and cold pressed, have amazing properties. It’s been documented for thousands of years how man has used honey for a range of external and internal disorders as well as wound care.

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fresh honeycomb with bee

It’s not about the best level, it’s about whether you have real Manuka Honey and has it met all the markers demanded by New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries?

The highest regarded and respected identification letters are MG, UMF, and MGO.

It can be a very difficult question to answer because the internet, bee keepers and commercial companies have all manipulated the truth and elaborated on so many myths about Manuka Honey, the simple truth about its benefits and what it brings from nature to you has been lost.

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Mature women over 50 this is for you!!

Please read this, because everybody deserves the truth about skin care and aging, discover the best and easiest, natural ingredient for your health, well-being and skin, including a number of damaged skin disorders. It’s not some marketing, anti-aging fairy tales. My personal experience after twenty years of sun damage and aging, this gem has kept my skin clear, healthy with minimised aging. It’s not a miracle, just a consistent and reliable gift from nature.

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