Beautiful Skin

Mature women over 50 this is for you!!

Please read this, because everybody deserves the truth about skin care and aging, discover the best and easiest, natural ingredient for your health, well-being and skin, including a number of damaged skin disorders. It’s not some marketing, anti-aging fairy tales. My personal experience after twenty years of sun damage and aging, this gem has kept my skin clear, healthy with minimised aging. It’s not a miracle, just a consistent and reliable gift from nature.

It’s true there are lots of superficial ideals about how you should look on the outside, but its who you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve achieved, how you’ve lead your life, did you learn from your mistakes, who has helped you, loved you and who have you helped and loved.  It’s a big life and its worthy of much more than what you see on the outside,

I’m sixty seven years old, but I don’t know that, till I look in the mirror. That reflection is a brief, still moment, a single snap shot, a reflection of what I look like.  As I grow older, I find I don’t look in the mirror too much anymore.  My dad used to say, “Don’t look in the mirror and you want see the wrinkles”, that was his answer to eternal youth.

My mum lived to ninety, she never told anybody her age she said, “Tell them your age and they will treat you accordingly, best I let them wonder and treat me equally”.

I’m a mum, a grandmother, a wife with an aging partner and friend to other aging friends, with all the maturity and roundness of a well lived life, although I do occasionally grieve over the fact I didn’t appreciate and adore myself in my youth, I have now the wisdom to be grateful, and try to live by the rule “Love thy self, be myself, and flourish in the freedom of autonomy and acceptance”. It’s all in my time, at my pace, I can explore my image and enjoy the journey.

I don’t get pimples anymore…

…only pigmentation changes and more wrinkles, but in a strange way by accepting the changes and embracing the moments I can explore, unconditionally, my future life, it’s much easier. I accept the magazines, the media, and fashion designers with foolish, trumped up photos endorsing unachievable beauty.  I do admire a beautiful person. Beauty shows in many ways and it’s interpreted in many ways, because we all perceive our own version of what beauty is.  It’s not just superficial, when I meet what I think is a beautiful person, I take time to find the inner person, the real beauty.

I deal in skincare, I make skin care, I have been in the beauty industry for 40 years, and I probably reaped the benefits of knowing how and when to look after my skin. I’m so tired of all the hype around chemical additives in food, makeup, skincare etc. Yes, I agree, avoid all things you know are bad for you, look up Google for an endless source of information, you are able to make an educated decision about your choices. Look for the truth, and remember you are an individual, you’re unique! Because somebody has a reaction or an opinion doesn’t always mean it applies to you. Seek your own knowledge, the world has become a precious bubble, explore, don’t accept a knee jerk reaction or an opinion from a jack of all trades.

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