Coronavirus and manuka honey

Coronavirus and Manuka honey

Coronavirus and Manuka Honey, most common questions.

I was there when the research began 30 years ago. I must admit I have witnessed some extraordinary results from using New Zealand, certified Manuka Honey. Its efficacy has been seen for both internal and external health problems.

Q. Can Manuka Honey help me at the moment with Coronavirus?

It’s a common question today, however, the best answer is Manuka honey is more about being proactive. Looking after your health in general is the best remedy.

Following your governments social-distancing and hygiene recommendations, there is a very good chance you won’t get the virus.

However, there are still more-common flues, colds and coughs around every winter that you’re more probable of catching.

There is an endless flow of cures on the internet relating to Manuka honey. Not all of them are correct and many of them are misleading. Many put no thought or care towards how to use the honey.

The first thing I suggest is get the genuine Manuka Honey.

It’s not about the numbers it’s about the honey.

  • Check, is it certified?
  • Does it contain stable Methoglyoxal?

I only recommend New Zealand Manuka Honey. I know where it comes from. Beginning from the area it’s harvested and the hives it’s come from to the final jar on the shelf.

Every vat is tested for the correct certification and labelling. The honey has to go through 3 tests before it can be exported and even then the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) take out a random jar to confirm the tests again.

There is no other Manuka Honey in the world so stringently checked and confirmed for its purity and identification.

Q. How much should I take?

I suggest 3 teaspoons a day keeps the doctor away. The best one you should never miss is the last one for the day. This one before bed, allows the honey to stay in the gut and bowel longer. This delivers all the benefits Manuka Honey is renowned for. Personally, I take a dessert spoon at night.

Q.  Can I mix the manuka honey with other things?

Yes a teaspoon in a cup of tea or coffee or just boiled water is fine. It’s well documented 1ml of manuka honey to 50 mls of fluid is still active.

Q.  What makes Manuka honey different to other honeys?

New Zealand Manuka Honey was one of the first honeys to be tested for its medicinal property’s. It was discovered farmers used it for mastitis on dairy cattle and ulcers in Bobby calves mouths with extraordinary results. A scientist called Peter Molan started to research why this particular honey was so effective.

He found 3 very important factors…

Manuka honey that contained the Methoglyoxal was a very strong anti-inflammatory and was very effective as a natural anti-bacterial agent. Most importantly these qualities didn’t break down like other honeys under stress.

  1. Adding Manuka Honey to a fluid it didn’t break down, it maintained its integrity and still delivers the above results.
  2. Heating Manuka Honey it still keeps its integrity.
  3. It was exposed to UV light and still maintained its properties.

These points are very important. Most other natural, cold pressed, raw honeys lose their mild medicinal properties when exposed to

  • light
  • heat
  • reduction

These special components of manuka honey mean it is still  active in an open environment (topical application). Alos blended with a liquid or heated (internal application).

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