contact dermatitis skin care

Contact Dermatitis Skin Care

Dry hands? Cracked skin and nails from too much washing?

Contact dermatitis skin care does not need to be a chore.

Sanitiser gel solutions quickly evaporate off the skin, this means the same solutions that aid to kill bacteria and virus, are incredibly drying. Fatiguing the skin of moisture retards bacteria etc. ability to grow.

Sanitisers are everywhere today and for good reason. Long after the COVID 19 virus has gone this new habit of hand cleanliness will go on.  You need to moisturise with a rich, active cream with minimal ingredients to react on the skin. A cream that repairs, moisturises and gives you beautiful hands, nails (and also amazing on feet.)

Contact dermatitis skin care?…and allergies to drying chemicals:

Contact dermatitis and allergies create irritation, itching and even skin cracking and sometimes bleeding.

Incluced in our pack are two active treatments to relieve pain and discomfort from dry, cracked skin.

Aids in rapid repair, healthy skin, nails and cuticles.

For persistent skin problems:

  • Bee Products Hand and Nail cream this cream has been around for 15 years and is well known for its active, certified manuka honey giving enormous relief to persons suffering from contact dermatitis and skin allergies.
  • Manuka Dermal Salvage Repair Cream: 30 % rich in certified, active New Zealand Manuka honey, supper charge to repair to your skin for really difficult skin care problems his salvage cream is a lethal weapon against Contact Dermatitis, sore, damaged skin for hands and feet. To repair hydrate and stimulate rapid skin growth.

How to use: Apply Bee products hand cream any timer after washing hands or hands feel dry or sore. Before going to bed massage the active Dermal Salvage cream in to hands, cuticles and feet Constant massage around the cuticles and nail plate will increase growth, strengthen the nail plate and surrounding skin.


Testimonials: 2020

I have just bought the Manuka Dermal Salvage Cream I have sensitive, reactive skin and often have rashes, irritations and reactions for no reason I am a hair dresser and I get Contact Dermatitis from chemicals It is sore and the skin is rough and peels away making it even my sensitive and sore. I started to use the salvage cream daily and I could see it getting better straight away. I did miss a few applications but once I started again twice a day in a short amount of time its less painful and the skin has healed up really quickly, it’s such a relief and looks and feels so much better The skin has gone from strength to strength Its really outstanding cream I haven’t used anything that works so quick and cleared up the condition so fast. 1 week

Day 1
Day 7

Kerrie Vic 2020


I am keen to share 2 miracle stories associated with the manuka hand cream from the Bee Products range. Edward, my youngest was afflicted with dreadful eczema.

The creases in his elbows and behind his knees would regularly crack and bleed and he would try so hard not to scratch. He was an incredible stoic and we tried lots of different things including creams from the Royal Children’s hospital.

This dear little boy never complained but resisted any topical treatments.  He simply refused to try anything after a while as everything caused pain. Along came the hand cream and so for some reason, he knew, instinctively it was safe to try .After a week he asked for more. By the third tube, his skin was soft, supple and glossy. It was amazing and fast. He is now, 18 and has never had a recurrence. We were so lucky to have found the product.

My sister had a corporate events and flower business and suffered from ‘really bad hand syndrome’!!  By this I mean they were red, raw, and itchy and the webbing between the fingers was cracking and breaking down.

I gave her a tube and by the next day she could see an improvement. Her hands settled and she has continued to use the product and is symptom free. Being able to help friends and family with a product that is so safe you could eat it, is enormously rewarding. Thank you CResults, Bee Products and thank you bees and of course the manuka trees…

All the best,

Sarah Vic


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