Acne Excoriee After

What is acne Excoriee?

Acne Excoriee can occur in all genders at any age. It is dominant between 25 and 40, more with woman and teenagers. The need to keep touching and picking the infected skin aggravates and spreads the disorder. Uncontrollable and often subconscious, it is the need to pick, scratch, rub and obsessively touch the skin. It mostly appears around the mouth and forehead though sometimes other areas on the body. This disorder is related to stress and subconscious compulsive disorders. There is a common belief by the sufferer that they can improve the situation by touching, picking and using excessive products and chemicals to heal the condition. These actions often create a cycle spreading the infection and damage even further.

Signs & Symptoms of Acne Excoriee.

  • Some cases are so severe they require psychological intervention.
  • Continuous grooming, picking and scratching.
  • Always seeking some form of treatment.
  • Excoriee is often stress related, with a constant need to improve the condition.
  • The disorder is not a medical or dermatological condition.

With Acne Excoriee an irritation starts on the skin, it can be a small white head, a pimple, or a scratch. You start to squeeze and touch the irritation hoping to make it better, but instead it accelerates and starts to spread. Scabs become dry and irritating and sometimes sore and inflamed. The inflammation creates a circle of more scratching and picking often followed by more dry scabs. Often the desire to stop the condition creates more anxiety, making the skin condition even worse. It is commonly caused by infection under the nails through scratching and picking and mostly by bacteria on the hands. This accelerates the infection to spread to other healthy follicles. As the disorder spreads the condition is more irritating and the circle of scratching and picking increase.

This skin condition is often stimulated by a compulsive need, physically or physiologically by an uncomfortable experience or emotional trigger. Something that is aggravating the mind and/or skin, a pimple, a scratch, an imperfection on the skin, the need to look and feel better.

Results of negative picking.

Often the sufferer feels relief, even pleasure, followed by disappointment and anxiety, hence this can lead to withdrawing from social and other activities.

There are many variables with this disorder and some skin conditions are more severe than others.  Always seek further professional advice and an accurate diagnosis if the condition elevates. If it hampers your daily routine and lifestyle, there is now a lot more known about this disorder and there is help.

It’s important to note, the constant irritation to the skin can cause infection. This can spread and grow progressively worse over time and may need medical assistance.

Excoriee (excoriate) means to strip off or remove skin from.

Simple description, but it does not explain the constant breaking and exposing of deeper layers of skin to external bacteria. Even a scratch or squeezed pimple opens an area for bacteria to get in. If not addressed, the bacteria spreads into the open pores and follicles resulting in more infection. Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria are common and contagious, these bacteria’s are resistant to many antibiotics. Manuka Honey has proven on open lesions to be very effective in killing this bacteria. Manuka Honey also adds water and not oil, aiding the skin to close and heal.

Can A Skin Regime help Acne Excoriee?

Acne Excoriee Before
Acne Excoriee Before
Acne Excoriee After
Acne Excoriee After

I have had this condition in the past. I realized nobody takes much time to help people who have skin conditions that constantly make you feel unhappy and uncomfortable. You’re in a cycle of physiological and emotional despair.

If it’s beyond something you think you can manage, consider consulting a professional for help.

You can have clear, heathy skin if you follow a regime and use products to fight bacteria that are natural and calming. Manuka Honey products and a little self-discipline are excellent to achieving the best results.


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