fresh honeycomb with bee

It’s not about the best level, it’s about whether you have real Manuka Honey and has it met all the markers demanded by New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries?

The highest regarded and respected identification letters are MG, UMF, and MGO.

It can be a very difficult question to answer because the internet, bee keepers and commercial companies have all manipulated the truth and elaborated on so many myths about Manuka Honey, the simple truth about its benefits and what it brings from nature to you has been lost.

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Mature women over 50 this is for you!!

Please read this, because everybody deserves the truth about skin care and aging, discover the best and easiest, natural ingredient for your health, well-being and skin, including a number of damaged skin disorders. It’s not some marketing, anti-aging fairy tales. My personal experience after twenty years of sun damage and aging, this gem has kept my skin clear, healthy with minimised aging. It’s not a miracle, just a consistent and reliable gift from nature.

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Use Manuka honey for face mask

Best ever skin care:

Pure Manuka Honey, that means straight from the hive and cold pressed.  I highly recommend New Zealand Manuka Honey as it’s the only genuine, certified, tested honey in the world. There are a lot of other honeys riding on the back of New Zealand’s research, and there is a lot of greed and trickery in the industry with non-genuine honey.

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Through the course of 2017 and 2018 you may have noticed the evolution of our business and our brands. First it was from CResults to Manuka Honey Skincare Collection as we expanded to multiple ranges of Manuka Honey Skincare beyond just the CResults range. Now, through the course of 2018, CResults Australia P/L and Manuka International P/L have amalgamated under the single banner of Honey Bee Secrets.  

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CResults Australia Pty Ltd. is a skin care company inspired by the desire to offer a unique, honest and affordable skincare range. With the natural active ingredients of pure, cold pressed, certified organic Manuka Honey.  Each product has been designed with the purest of additives to enhance the results, feel and performance of the products.

Manuka Honey is derived from the Leptospermum Scoparium, a native tea tree of New Zealand that has been tested for the claims of extraordinary activity, as published by the Waikato University New Zealand. Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey naturally hydrates, softens and creates a more radiant youthful looking skin. Natural pure Manuka Honey is the jewel and the soul of the products we produce and all the goodness we want to give back to you.

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