How to repair damaged skin with Manuka Clinic

When I am asked how to repair damaged skin by people I will often ask what people do for a job or a pastime. This includes gardeners, tradespeople, chefs, nurses, hairdressers, carpenters, cement workers, mechanics and stonemasons. People from many industries where minor cuts, burns and abrasions around me is a common daily event.

Are you involved in sports such as cycling, water and snow skiing, jogging, football and other active sports?

Manuka Dermal Salvage Repair Cream is the most effective application to instantly help relieve the pain and inflammation associated with minor skin damage. 30% Manuka Honey relieves the painful discomfort, aids to seal the injury with rapid repair and minimal scarring.

The following Testimonials show how effective the cream has been to treat                                       uncomfortable minor injuries.

Gardening, saw cut injury – 2020

how to repair damaged skin

Day 1 – While gardening this lady using a bow saw, with a new, course blade was cutting small tree limbs, she unfortunately sliced through a finger. Leaving a skin flap and several other minor cuts. Very traumatic and painful. Washed area, applied Manuka Cream and applied a firm band aid.  Reduced bleeding and pain under 15 minutes

how to repair damaged skin

Day 4The finger is not sore or irritated. No swelling or infection. Washed the damaged skin area, applied Manuka day and night.   A clean cut, no inflammation, not sore and the skin flap had dried up and started to peel off.  

Cut finger day 7

Day 7 – Clean, dry, callous skin, which was trimmed off and applied the Manuka Dermal cream to keep the skin soft and help to continue the healing          

Gardnering, rose thorn injury – 2020

Rose Thorn Day 1

Day 1 – Rose thorn tear usually when I get these cuts they become inflamed, itchy and very sore, taking weeks to heal similar to a cut from Blackberry bushes. I washed the area with cold water and applied the Manuka Dermal Salvage Cream with no dressing, instant relief

Rose Thorn Day 3

Day 3 – Applied cream morning and night.  I usually keep scratching this condition because it’s irritated and often inflamed. Because I didn’t scratch the wound it healed quicker and with hardly any scars I was surprised how fast the skin repaired

Rose Thorn Day 6

Day 6 – Stop using cream after day 4. Didn’t even notice my arm had healed over completely

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