Our Skin Specialists

Cheryle Nye

Manuka International, Manuka Clinic, Bee products

Director / Marketing

After an introduction to Manuka Honey while living  in New Zealand, Cheryle accompanied her husband , Geoff, in his endeavorur to build a brand and market place for Manuka Honey as both a food, and a skin care product, both in Australia and the international market.

With 35 years experience in the Beauty Industry and associated industries, and having developed companies around Manuka Honey imports, and world exports her determination to explore all facets of business and a passion for learning have taken her around the world, exploring products, marketing and manufacturing.

Cheryle has owned and managed several successful beauty salons, training academy’s and become an industry educator.

Her belief that a natural, effective and genuine skin care product could be made using all the benefits and properties of Manuka Honey. She completed her cosmetic chemistry training  and went on to develop CResults Manuka Honey Skin Care.

For over eight years these products have proven to be highly active and effective with a full range of skin disorders, rescuing and regenerating aging  and damaged skin.


Sharon Anic

Manuka Clinic/CResults/Bee products

Sales Manager

Sharon has always had a passionate belief and faith in nature and the essence of nature’s natural ways to heal and deliver.

Her passion for nature and art has lead her down a path working with plants and natural herbs combined with a caring attitude she became an accomplished clinical, health masseur including sport physiotherapy clinics and was one of the first educators in clinical massage.

As a teenager, Sharon struggled with debilitating acne, while looking for natural solutions she qualified as a beauty therapist and educator in the field of skin care and ultimately opened her own successful natural health salons.

With a strong belief in natural medicine she wanted to help other sufferers with natural plant medicines.

Sharon holds high values for genuine. integrity and to help people with their skin and body values. Sharon established successful businesses combining passion, commitment, hard work ,curiosity and compassion.