Acne Excoriee Starter Pack

Specialised skin care pack for Acne Excoriee.


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Acne Excoriee Starter Pack

How to Use.

All CResults Manuka Honey products are water soluble. This aids the skin to create a normal balance between your own oil glands and the products. If the glands produce too much oil or products leave too much oil on the skin, it contributes to the bacteria having an environment to grow.

What’s in the pack and Why?

1 x Clarifying Cleanser  – Rich in Manuka oil and no preservatives to clean and fight surface bacteria. It also prepares the skin to absorb honey treatment.

Use: Night and day or after any sport or activities. Simply mix in the hands with a little water, massage over the skin and rinse off then pat dry.


1 x Exfoliate  – For deeper cleansing and to open pores and remove dry skin, also aids to remove bacteria. The action of exfoliation increases circulation and stimulation to the skin. This brings rich, healthy, blood cells closer to the surface thereupon aids to eliminate toxins and introduces fresh oxygen and water, so the skin can self-repair.

Use: Mix with a little water, massage over the area and rinse off pat dry.


1 x Hydrating Renewal Cream – This cream was developed with large amounts (14%) of Manuka Honey to aid in moisturizing and keep repairing damaged skin.

Use: 1 or 2 pumps. Press over the skin and gently massage (not too long.) 100% compatible with the skin and thus is readily absorbed. Use night and day, or any time the skin feels dry.


1 x Manuka Honey Mask CreamThis 20% Manuka Honey creamy mask can be applied after cleaning the skin at night and prior to going to bed. Leave the cream on the skin and the active Manuka Honey aids to repair and reduce bacteria, and as a result adjust the skins natural behavior to mend.

Use: First week every night after using Clarifying Cleanser and/or exfoliate. This cream is absorbed while you sleep and is highly active. Then every other night when skin is repairing.


Note: In some cases the skin may dry a little from the treatment,  just add a Moisturizing Day cream for more hydration.



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