Bee Products Manuka Lip Repair Butter

Bee Products only use natural ingredients to repair and heal split, dry , sore lips.


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Rehabilitate your lips with lip repair balm.

This Manuka Honey Lip Repair Butter does exactly what it’s name says – It repairs! which is why we regard it the best lip balm to repair lips.

Finding a lip balm to repair lips can sometimes feel like a minefield with all of the products on offer,  Bee Products Lip Repair Butter however, keeps your lips moist and healthy even in the harshest of environments.

Regular use keeps dry, chapped lips nourished and looking and feeling healthy.

Use lip butter to repair as a preventative to having cracked, dry and sore lips.

“On a trip across USA on a Harley Davidson’s doing Route 66 I experienced how dry and sore lips can get, as we crossed the desert I could feel my lips drying and splitting open, fortunately I had Bee Products Lip Repair Butter and with in 12 hours my lips were moist and healed I used it everyday prior to starting the day.

I gave it to other riders who used it around their mouths and noses one guy even used it over the sun burnt areas of his face with extraordinary results.”

Best lip balm to repair lips.

We use only the the best ingredients including Bee Products own New Zealand Manuka Honey and natural bees wax and pair it with Bee Products Hand & Nail Cream for the perfect solution for all outdoor activities.

Our product is honest and simple providing a clean and natural solution to dry sore lips.

Some of the regular users that praise our lip repair balm include:

  • gardeners
  • motorcycle riders
  • multiple outdoor trades including carpenters and plumbers
  • horse riders
  • office workers (air-conditioning can be very drying for the lips!)
  • shop assistants
  • and much much more…

Preservative Free

Directions:  Apply to dry or chapped lips as often as required and as a result enjoy beautiful youthful lips.


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