Clarifying Pack

Acne and Rosacea Pack.



Manuka Honey Clarifying Pack 

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Pack includes:

1 x CResults Clarifying Cleanser

1 x CResults Exfoliant

1 x CResults Hydrating Renewal Cream

1 x CResults Manuka Makeover Mask


Treatment for Acne , Acne  Rosacea, Couprose and a range of skin disorders.

This is a small but active, Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil skin care pack, to calm, sooth and retard further bacteria, aids to reducing the inflammation and bacteria stimulating breakouts and sore irritating skin.

A very gentle regime you can use everyday

Rich in Manuka Honey, Manuka Oil and Australian lemon scented tea tree this pack will make a difference to your skin in just 24 hours

Reduce redness, inflammation and infection. No more sore, itchy skin

All skin disorder appears to have an irritating fungal disorder that why so many products don’t work. The clarifying cleanser allows can destroy fungal conditions allowing the Manuka honey creams to aid repair damaged inflamed skin.

Easy to use and safe no bleached towels or cloths just results in 24 hours


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