Manuka Repair Cream


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Manuka Repair Cream

This manuka repair cream has been especially designed for persistent skin disorders.

It is blended with 30% raw, pure and certified New Zealand Manuka Honey.

The cream has been designed to carry the natural Manuka Honey to the treatment area. With no extra additives this cream delivers all the benefits Manuka honey is renowned for.

Topically applied, Manuka Honey calms, soothes reduces inflammation and irritation.  It stimulates cellular turnover to rapidly repair with minumal scarring.
Excellent to reduce the skin irritations associated with acne and other skin disorders.

Manuka Honey is well documented for its topical benefits, notably used though history by many cultures to treat infection and inflammtion internally and externally; but honey is not user friendly to apply.

Using raw honey directly is often uncomfortable and very sticky. As it warms, it runs off the treatment area reducing its potent and active components.

The Dermal Salvage Repair Cream is designed to carry a large amount of raw Manuka Honey to the treatment area. A rich, slightly sticky salvage cream when applied, it delivers all the benefits Raw Manuka Honey is renowed for with maxium results. This includes reducing sore irritating pustules, calming and reducing redness scarring and pigmentation changes.

The cream doesn’t warm and run off the skin but stays on the area, delivering quick relief and results.
Trialed on a range of skin disorders the outcomes have been remarkable.


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