Bee Products Mg30+ Manuka Honey

Bee Product Manuka honey 30Mg + is the largest selling Manuka Honey in Australia, the number is low but he purity and natural selection is  a blend of rich Manuka honey , wild multi flora honey.


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Bee Products Manuka Honey 30Mg+

Manuka International created the Bee Products Manuka Honey brand in 1994, one of the first to recognise the health benefits following Peter Molan’s research in New Zealand . Bee products has maintained its postion in the market for so long because it is a genuine, superior product. This pedigree, raw honey has grown it from one of the worlds first commercially supplied manuka honeys to one of the worlds highest selling Manuka Honeys.

Bee Products New Zealand Manuka Honey is backed with over 26 years of experience and expertise in the industry. Manuka International deals with a large group of apiarists across the north and south islands of New Zealand.

The MG rating number represents the Methylglyoxal content of the honey, this is defined by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industry’s standards for sale.

This natural selection is a blend of rich New Zealand manuka honey.

Harvested from Manuka Shrubs in the remote areas of New Zealand makes this superior in quality and taste.  Certified genuine Manuka Honey’s by proven methods and the current guidelines recommended by the Ministry of Primary Industries New Zealand.

These tests confirm the concentration of Methyglyoxal.

Store below 25 oC


500ml jar


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