Thank you Cheryl, they are the most amazing products I really notice the difference now that i am getting older. And it is so nice to be not just a number.


Good Morning, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the products. I also wanted to mention that your after sales service is amazing and thank you for the note explaining about the heat affecting the look of the honey candy and I was most impressed that you included an extra packet at no cost.  I am also loving the little extra bag of goodies that you put in the box every order.  Very special


Cracked heals? Dry cracked cuticles and hands? “My son has had really bad cracked feet and after 4 nights of applying Bee Products hand cream and wearing a pair of socks to bed the results were remarkable the cracks are healed over and the improvement in the softness and appearance of his feet is believable after such a short time.”


Hi Cheryle
I have been meaning to write you and let you know how impressed I am with the Bee Products Hand Cream
I have had real farmer’s hands with dry skin due to all the hay and feeds. I am now making a conscious effort to wear gloves and use your cream every night before bed. What a difference it has made. My hands feel so much better.
I am impressed. Thank you
Kind regards


I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how fantastic you’re Hand and Nail cream i.e. love the way it leaves my skin soft and healthy looking, even younger. I hate the wrinkles on the back of my hands and this cream seems to make them look better with less wrinkles and there’s no oily feeling left on the skin after I use it.  I tried it on my dry feet and got great results and the cracks on my heels have almost disappeared, so now I use it on my arms and legs, being older, my skin has thinned and it’s very dry, some creams make me itchy, but this one is very soothing.   I’ve used lots of different creams in the past, but this one really works. I don’t usually write this sort of stuff, but I thought other people might appreciate finding something good to use.  Thank you again for making such a lovely product.

Ms Johnston